Ass Kill

What is Ass Kill?


Do this when you want to hurt your GF with out actually causing any serious damage like cutting her, shooting her, or snapping her neck.

Lay your GF down on her stomach, tell her to get ready for anal and she should prop her butt up a little, if she raises her ass to high, just punch her in the back of the head. Then as hard as you can, punch the fucking shit out of her ass cheeks (it's fun to watch her asscheeks ripple)

Anyway, punch her cheeks for while until they are are bloody red. Now tell her get into doggy style and get near the edge of the bed, when she is on her hands and knees, tell her BRB/and to wiggle her butt.

Now run into the room and drop kick the fucking shit out out of her!!! She should fly across the bed into the wall and she should be really dazed or fucking passed out. Then ram your dick into her butt, and yell "FUCK YEA, FUCK YEA, GET YOUR ASS KILLED YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!!"

Her ass, should be really swollen and red like the KOOL-AID MAN'S ASS!!!!!!

Last Night I gave your Mom an ASS KILL, her ass is probably wide enough for me to live in now.

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