Ass Kraken

What is Ass Kraken?


Its sort of what PJ does to his mother. It involves both legs of the female wrapped around the other person (the dude), with hardcore-style pelvic thrusts from both people, who make a sound like AGUHHHHHHH!! Like a kraken.

Oh damn! PJ give me that asskraken! Ohh yes!


1. The opposite of a Kraken.

2. One who follows another endlessly, and does not think for himself. This person usually copies another, for the sole objective of being accepted into a gorup of people. They are scum.

3. Faisal.

Patrick: "Faisal, your such a fucking Ass Kraken."

Faisal: "Good Game."

Patrick: "Stop mimicking Todd."

Faisal: (waves hand)"What the fuck" (2 seconds later..)

"Hey Beeej" (he has targeted another person.)


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