Ass Licker

What is Ass Licker?


In the sexual sense, an "ass licker" is anyone who enjoys licking someones asshole.


1) Someone willing to lick the inside of the buttocks. Yeah, the hole.

2) A sycophant.

Hey ass licker, come lick me out

threnodyisn't cool, you're such an ass licker.

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Someone who participates in licking of ass.

Man ryan Francis is such an ass licker!

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Someone who is sexually stimulated and gratified by licking another persons filthy, stinky asshole.

That dude is a bonified Ass Licker. He licked his girlfriend's asshole clean. He even ate the kernal of corn she farted onto his tounge.

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brown noser

ted was promoted because hes an ass licker!!


A redneck fucker from Jacksonville who sits in front of me in Math class and always kisses the teachers ass just so he can fuck her while her husbands out cheating on her with some man-whore.

That ass licker fucked our 84 year old History teacher last night...

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Somebody who behaves like an idiot; a pervert.

That guy is such an ass licker!


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