Ass Man

What is Ass Man?


A Man obsessed with the female (or male if one is gay) buttocks. ant: Breast Man

I am ass man, Glenn Stated!


License plate that Kramer received accidentally on an episode of Seinfeld. It was supposed to go to a proctologist. He uses it to park in a reserved spot for doctors and gets caught by the man it was supposed to belong to.

Cosmo Kramer, the "ass man"


Short for Assistant Manager

Guess who the new Ass Man is?


Look who just got promoted to Ass Man.


Proffesional wrestler and fauxmosexual Billy gunn

"I'm an ass man, i'm an ass man!"


another name for a man of homosexual nature. Usually said in a surprised fashion

Julian: I saw dean and christian in bed together last night

Pat: Ass Man!

See gay, ass men, assmen, assman, queef, poof, fag





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