Ass Master

What is Ass Master?


A dude who's really good at butt-fucking.

Gay dudes call Lamar the "Ass Master!"


Someone who is know it all of all things to do with ass. A person who likes to tap that ass and loves asses.

He thinks he's the ass master but he knows nothing about it.

Hey you, Ass master come and get up on this


A man who, through intense dedication of his entire being, has mastered the the pursuit and attainment of the female ass.

The Yodaform of the celebrated Ass Maven.

Wow! Having dedicated his whole being to the pursuit of the female ass, he has truly become an Ass Master!

O, Ass Master - we are not worthy and bow before you! Teach us!


Name for someone who likes booty

Gary is the "Ass Master"


You and/or one or more of your gay little buddies, that like to give/take it up the ass regularly

Damn son, you showed him who the ass master around here is.

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ok, well u know when u're walking in the shops, or just just walkin in general, with lots of people around... sometime u get those guys walking RIGHT behind u, right up your ass, they want to pass, but they don't say anything. that's an ass master!

there's an ass master behind us, lets let him pass

See ass, master, walking, behind, busy


(slang) One who is master of all things ass-related.

My boss is being such an ass master today!


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