Ass Milk

What is Ass Milk?


n.) The product of successful butt sex, usually tied to homosexual intercourse.

"I'm hot, lets go make ass milk."

*Also viewed on the liscence plate at the gay DMV on the recap. episode of Chapelle's Show.

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Ejectulation of semen inside the anal cavity.

Term usually given to homosexuals, engaging in sex.

Semen belonging to a homosexual.

Hey lance, my ass is thirsty. Could I have some of your ass milk?

Jerry has ass milk leaking down his legs.

Sorry, dude- I'm not looking for ass milk.


The white substance that is left inside AJ's asshole after a long hot night of gay butt sex with his partner in gay crime Chris.

AJ: Dude look at all of the ass milk dripping from my butthole!

Chris:WOW! I blew a big one in there! You must be hurting!

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Canned and carbonated it's called FAYGO.

man: what is this, ass milk !?!

juggalo: bitch, it's faygo!

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