Ass Monger

What is Ass Monger?


(actually it's my trademark phrase)

An ass monger literally is one who sells or deals in asses, used as an insult its pretty sweet

Hey ass monger, go live in a fucking hole


Some who sells or trades ass.

The ass monger has a 20% sale.


A man who appraises the value of people's asses, can be found working street corners late at night.

I got appraised at an ass monger and my ass is worth a bag of chips!

The local ass monger got arrested last night, now I'll never know how much it's worth...

Why are all the ass mongers here naked?

See ass pincher, butt nutter


One who spreads and/or promotes ass.

Kailan Fish is a real assmonger.


One who craves and obsesses about ass. They may even smell like ass...

Andy is stronger than any known gorilla and ass monger.

See Money


A derogitory term, an insult.

"You are an ass monger."


A person that inclines someone to be an ass.

Thanks to you I'm pissed off. You are such an ass monger

See ass, monger, pissed, mad, anger


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