Ass Monkey

What is Ass Monkey?


An awkward neighbor or boyfriend/girlfriend in your dorm who invites himself/herself to meals, parties, and other social events. Ass monkeys attach themselves to specific groups or individuals by seeing that other individuals are able to invite themselves to events but still be welcomed companions.

Sketchball A: We need to go out the side door. If we don't your ass monkey will come with us to dinner.

Sketchball B: Tru that 'ho. I don't want my ass monkey fucking up my Pimp Committee.

Mutual Friend of Sketchballs A and B: I swear Sketchball B. If your ass monkey comes to one more meal with us I'm going to jump off a bridge.

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A person who, for all intents and purposes, has never learned a god-damned thing. One who maintains a blissful ignorance of the world that simultaneously inspires amusement, disgust and despair in all who are unlucky enough to encounter him.

Did you see those ass-monkeys on Jaywalking last night? Ha-ha, they're so dumb...I think I'll kill myself.

See Petros


A person (usually a man) who i such an asshole that people leave the room when he enters and announces his presence.

At Jake's wedding, Dan was such an ass monkey that entire sections of the bride's family left the reception early.


n. an individual who, when in an argument, just makes up statistics and quotes from authorities on the subject so they look correct

v. to make up statistics or quotes to appear more correct

n. Dan is such an ass monkey; there's no way that CNN had an exit poll that said that 87% of Americans want socialism.

v. I totally ass monkeyed through that test. There's no way Mrs. Clark will know that Teddy Roosevelt actually never said anything about anarchy's role in society.

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Someone who constantly follows someone else around and agrees with everything they say and do.

"hey, should we invite Ben around tonight?"

"nah, his ass monkey Matt will have to come too."

"oh yeah. let's not."

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Someone who always has a smart crack to make but not quite as drastic as an asshole.

Always a comeback for someone who has the smart crack- You response can simply be "ass monkey"

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Small monkey like creatures the size of leprichauns who crawl around your ass while your asleep. ass monkeys usually wedgie guys in tighty whites or chicks wearing g's or thongs. As monkers are also the reason lint appears in your ass. If you capture an ass monkey it will play poker with you.

*Chick* I got such a wedgie last night

*guy* Me to, I blame ass monkeys

*Chick* You were tighy whites? You a fag nerd


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