Ass Mouth

What is Ass Mouth?


Gross condition of Bad Breath and 'Shit-Teeth' caused from Rimming or Eating a Guys Ass, and NOT Brushing afterwards.

"Everybody at the Party was SO Grossed Out by My 'Ass Mouth' nobody`d talk to me!

See hobo-teeth, ass breath, shit-teeth, butt breath


The type of mouth you get after a night of heavy drinking and taking drugs in excess of number. It consists of a sticky velcro tongue (so sticky it could stick to a dogs bollock and you get a dog fart in your face), a dry cloggy throat that's 1mm wide, furry teeth and lips that have flaking peeling dry skin coming off. It also creates a mouth that is non-quenchable by any liquid, it even makes ice water taste like you're licking the inside of a dustbin.

Courtney: My ass mouth is making me wana slit my wrists and dance in my own blood, I wish I had some turboce.

Amber: I'm not suprised, you're breath smells like a decapitated corpse, have a polo.

See turboce, drugs, bollock, dustbin


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