Ass Munch

What is Ass Munch?


means you are a fucking idiot

indicates you like to eat ass

I'm not lending you five bucks ass munch


An undesirable or offensive person.

"Quit being such an ass munch."

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An asshole without the attitude or agressiveness. A derogatory term to describe someone of useless ability and questionable intelligence.

Jim turned down a date with a lingerie model because he had to study for finals, thereby proving that he is a complete and utter assmunch.

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1)He/she who places lips on another's anal hole and vacuums the shit into their mouth.

2)A total let down of a human being who brings people down.

3)An annoying twat who thinks they are highly intelligent because they use long words to promote their retarded values.

1)"Hey, get my shit out yo mouth, Ass Munch!"

2)"Man, you a fucking let down Ass Munch ,hope you choke on my shit"

3)"Wow, you use big words, even though you look to have been Hitlered, man I'm glad I'm not an ass munch like you!"


a person who is jackassing or being a dumbass, an ass muncher, or a retard

Get off me you ass munch!


Verb - to perform the act of eating out someone's asshole. Also known as salad tossing.

Once in a while I like to get freaky and ass munch my ole lady.


PRICK wjo eats ass for a living.

newman you fu*king ass munch!


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