Ass Navigator

What is Ass Navigator?


N. One who is skilled in the ways of anal navigation. Often aboard his ship is an anal cartographer who aids in the newly explored rectal area. It in no way involves anal sex or homosexuality, but rather, the exploration and charting of new asses.

"Vasco De Gamma's got nothing on you, you ass navigator!"

See ass pirate


A badly trashed, abused Lincoln SUV.

Person 1: "Tom's ride is so pimp."

Person 2: "What? You mean that Ass Navigator he picked up at the police auction last summer? That thing's had the shit kicked out of it real bad."

Person 1: "It's still cool, though."

Person 2: "Yeah. At least he has a car. Unlike some people I know."

Person 1: "Hey, shut up!"

Person 2: "Hahahahahaha!"

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