Ass Nostril

What is Ass Nostril?


1. Anus

2. An annoying or obnoxious person.

3. A bad place to store your keys.

1. It would suck to be a midget... every time you get in line you're eye level with a row full of Ass Nostrils.

2.Joe did what to your dog? And you didn't charge him? You Ass Nostril!

3. Most people just put that stuff in their pockets.

See ass hole, ass, asshole, jerk, butt hole, anus, dick, bitch, douche bag, idiot, butthole, dick head, douche, dumb shit, fuck face, fucker, gay, shit, bastard, butt, stupid, anal, arse hole, brown eye, bunghole, bush, cunt, dumb ass, dumb fuck, fag, flame, flamer, hole, insult, jackass, moron, mother fucker, stupid fuck, ass wipe, bitch ass, bum, dip shit, fuck head, homosexual, jack ass, loser, poop chute, pooper, retard


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