Ass Patriot

What is Ass Patriot?


An insult, I'm pretty sure I started afew years ago to describe homosexuals, or perhaps a penis used for anal probing. You may also use it to describe someone with a patriot missile in their ass.

Leave me alone you ass patriot!

See Sydney


1. (n) People that cannot think for themselves, but blindly follow a cause that is based on a lie. Somewhat comparable to sheeple.

2. (n) A person that claims to be patriotic, but doesn't actually show his patriotism. Somewhat comparable with poseur.

Look at those ass patriots watching Faux News, they act like sheeple everytime the president talks about fighting terrorism, yet he's rescinding civil liberties and data mining everybody in the nation. Asshats!

You are such an ass patriot, Doug. You criticise people for not supporting the war, but I don't see you running to the recruiter's office to get enlisted.

See poseur, sheeple, ass, fool, retard, dumbass, dummy, brainless, asshat, asshole


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