Ass Pee

What is Ass Pee?


noun: a kind of diarrhea that makes a squirt sound as it comes out. Sometimes, a faint splashing noise can be heard.

Aw man, I gotta go home and take an ass pee.


A kind of defecation in which the fecal matter is nearly 100% liquid, and exits the anus much like urine. May cause fairly extensive dehydration. Is usually caused by severe indigestion or bacterial contamination of ingested food.

"I thought that was going to be a normal shit, but when I sat down on the toilet, it was ASS PEE!"

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Diarrhea. also known as butt mud.

That chili dog gave me ass pee. I'll never eat grade d meat again.


The stream of liquid fecal matter that is extruded from your anus after eating massive quantities of over-salted food. Similar in consistency and sound to regular 'pee,' only brown, malodorous, and from the bad hole.

Man, that meal was delicious, but so salty that I'm going to ass pee all fucking night.

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