Ass Pie

What is Ass Pie?


1. A word used by Retards to insult someone with asbergers syndrome.

2. An emo who says he has asbergers symndrome just to make himself look spacial.

1. UMMMM,,,, i cant think of one, sorry.

2. That ass pie was using his status as an aspie to make the girls like him better.

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What the popular cool kids called me as a kid cuz I have asperger's. I was beat up by the jocks and made fun of cuz i wasnt "right". You shouldn't call us ass pie's. We aren't dumb.

I was known as " Ass Pie" in High School.

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what happens when somebody puts a dildo or a dick in your ass and uses Crisco to lube the area!

Holly didnt have any KY jelly so she grabbed the next best thing, Crisco and slathered that on his dick and he stuck it in, smelled like ass pie in there.

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to have someones ass be cooking on a stove with shit coming out of the middle.. this is known as ass pie!

i'll be cooking that ass and eating it like pie for sure


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