Ass Pirate

What is Ass Pirate?


one who digs for burried treasure by inserting his penis inside his partners anus and prodding around

Albert was the most notorious ass pirate in the city, all homosexuals came to him for advice.


1. One who commandeers ass.

2. A general insult implying the insultee is gay.

"ARRRGHH! Thar be the ass we aim to capture."

"Dennis, you're a fucking ass pirate."


The act of stealing and pounding booty.....damn pirates always want the booty

Roman (the ass pirate in steeb) just fucked brad's ass

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Your typical Caribbean Plunderer who enjoys "swabbing the poop deck" with his "first mate." Pastimes also involve comparing frigate sizes with other captains and polishing another captain's plank.

...Also ass pirates enjoy homosexual intercourse.

"Arr!! Its time to pillage the village"

"look mateys ive found buried treasure"

Ass pirate: "Lets get that poop deck dirrty"

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A homo who raids others' assholes with no warning while saying "ARRRgh"

Hey dude, remember Chris, that fucking ass pirate?


an insult implying the individual is gay

to steal or bang ass

Jim-"ARG there be the booty i be wantin to score"

Chris"Damn it Jim you're such an ass pirate"

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mainly homosexuals. One who partakes in the insertion of a phallic object in a female or males anus, mainly a penis.

Adrian is an ass pirate. He likes to do guys in the ass.


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