Ass Piss

What is Ass Piss?


When only pure juicy liquid comes squirtting out your anus.

Man, those taco's gave me some serious ass piss.


It`s when u have the worst type of diarrhea , where u start leaking liquids from ur ass hole .

Jack ass pissed at the bank last sunday ..

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an explosion of warm bodily liquids from the anus.

Dude sean shot ass piss all over my fucking room!

Dude im sick of cleaning up my grandmothers ass piss.

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When in the prosess of dropping a turbo deuceall that is released from one's rectum, is a warm, festering, inflammatory liquid. Can be a caatalyst to the creation of a poo swamp.

Dude, my current poo swamp dwellery is utterly vile because that chili I grubbed on gave me the most horridly foul case of ass piss.


1. Diarrhea

2. Light beer

3. All of the above

Bartender, can I order a bottle of Ass Piss?

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A condition from drinking beer mostly budweiser where the ass secrets some funky liquids and it mixes with sweat.

Tony: You guys drink Budweiser?

Sarandee: No, it gives me ass piss.

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A sexual fetish as follows:

The dominant male, after drinking some liquid prior, takes a pair of forceps (as used to help deliver babies) and uses them to forcibly hold open the submissive woman or man's anus to a width suitable for urinating into. He them urinates into the dilated asshole, filling it with urine. the forceps are then removed, and the anus allowed to close fully. The recipient of the asspiss is then allowed the great pleasure of passing the urine out his or her anus, as if defecating, only liquid. This process is quickly growing in popularity, and looks set to move mainstream within the next few years.

hey bitch! I'm gonna give you an asspiss whether you like it or not!


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