Ass Pony

What is Ass Pony?


A derogatory term used to describe ones actions. Specifically, used to describe someone who has done something stupid, is being annoying, or someone you just don't like. This term is often used as a close second to calling someone a dildo or retard.

"Hey Brian stop being such an ass pony"

or, "Brian you are really being an ass pony right now" or, Brian get the fuck away from me I don't associate myself with ass pony's"

See asshole, dick, dildo, retard, pussy


Jerk, Asshole, or being rude

Don't be an ass pony!

See Ryan


during gay sex, the guy who takes it in the ass.

John is taking it this time, ASS PONY!!

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A driver who tailgates other drivers.

Driver with little patience, subscribing to the belief that being 1 foot behind the person in front of them will make traffic move faster on the freeway.

commuter of the 91 freeway in southern californa who typically commute two hours each way to work to take advantage of cheap housing and to live near white trash relatives.

NASCAR fans who practice drafting on fellow commuters often in an SUV or a raised white trash looking truck

That chick is an Ass Pony.

That ass pony is going to kill somebody.

See tailgater, 909, white trash, nascar, drafting


1) refers to someone of the homosexual orientation.

2)someone stupid, similar to fuck tard

1)Andrew is such an ass pony with his boyfriend.

2)you ass pony don't do that.

See gay, retard, ass, pony


Someone who has been made to submit to another. Similar to being a gimp but less willing.

He's my ass pony. Your my ass pony for the night

See gimp, loser, tool, bitch, ass


A crude term referring to a tampon.

I hate having to clean the ass pony tray at work.

See tampon, super soaker


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