Ass Punch

What is Ass Punch?


To firmly connect a closed fist with the rectal region of a person.

SAL: Hey Joe, Why You Walking Funny?

JOE: Ah, The Wife Ass-Punched Me Again!


The act of punching a chick in the ass when you are going at it doggy style. It causes the chick to clench up tight and bring you extra pleasure.

I was banging this ho last night from behind and I ass punched her hard and she clenched up tight and I came hard all over her.

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A new trend that I invented during an AIM conversation to kill a silence. It is the new solution for all your problems. Known to cure anything except AIDS which it only slows down.

Punching yourself in the ass is only for sexual related problems. Punching yourself on the ass is for all other purposes

What your eye hurts? punch yourself on the ass! You have a headache? punch yourself on the ass! You feel light headed? punch yourself on the ass! Your friend is acting gay? punch yourself on the ass! (beware--this may be a little suggestive to the person if they are truly gay)

I ass punched Taurino and he was like wtf you do that for and I told him I'm trying to cure your cold.

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The finishing move of wrestler Beef Wellington. He jumps off the top rope and punches his opponent in the ass.

Beef Wellington got the win tonight with the flying ass punch.


To punch the buttocks of another with a fist. If you punch someone in the ass during a fight, it proves your sissiness.

"Who's Claire?"

"The hooker that you ASS-PUNCHED!"

- 2 Lines from the movie 'Deuce Bigalow'


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