Ass Rocket

What is Ass Rocket?


Violent, gut wrenching defication. So violent that you have to strap on to the toilet not to be launched into orbit. Much gas is expelled along with, well, you know... the other stuff...

1. Shane suffered from IBS, so everyday after lunch he would have an Ass Rocket.

2. Wow! That Ass Rocket was so bad I had to strap in to keep from being launched through the roof!

See Thor


The act of lighting a bottle rocket out of ones anus.

Dude, that assrocket hurt my anus when it shot out.


Ass Rocket is another word for a turd.

Dude, I'll be back in a sec.. gotta go fire an ass rocket.


Violent, destructive defication. When it is so violent that you have to strap on to the toilet seat to keep from balsting off.

1. Shane suffers from IBS, which causes him to have an Ass Rocket everyday after lunch

2. That was some Ass Rocket... i had to strp in to keep from hitting the roof.

See Thor


Poop,Terds,Crap,Shit. When you terds are shaped like rockets.

Skaz: Man i launched some serious ass- rockets when i ate that steak!

Chubbs: Wow you too!?


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