Ass Sandwich

What is Ass Sandwich?


A sandwich, made of ass and poo. From a Jack Chick parody strip.

This is an ASS SANDWICH. It is made of ASS and POO.

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1. a bad day

2. horrible event

3. bad food

4. McDonalds

My old lady left me, once again life has handed me an ass sandwich!


Your head accidentaly/on purpose gets put between two asses

"So here I am, getting dressed at the gym when two fat senior citzens get out of the sauna and make me the meat to their ass sandwich."

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The act of planting one's ass on another's face, usually after they've been overserved and are passed out on a couch or bed. Proper form "fits" the butt crack atop the nose.

Bobby came home hammered and passed out. So I gave him an ass sandwich.

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The act of inserting a piece of bread, meat, or cheese between the cheeks of someone's ass, including your own, with the direct intention of feeding it to someone too drunk to notice.

That fat bitch was so drunk I gave her an ass sandwich.

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having sex, getting laid

I'm going to have myself an ass sandwich later tonight after the kids are asleep.

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