Ass Slapping

What is Ass Slapping?


2. (verb)

The act of sex from behind, when the man's hips create a slapping/clapping sound off the receiver's backside.

That carpet jockey rode it ass slapping to the finish line!

See ass slapping, clam stabbing


1. To be extremely cool

2. To enjoy to an extreme degree

3. The act of slapping someone ass

1. Wow, that shot was ass slapping Mark!

2. We had an ass slapping time at Gabes' party last night, you should have been there.

3. Jessica loves when I give her a couple ass slappings.


The act of a woman bending down as if she was touching her toes while thrusting her ass up and down a males genital area commonly performed at college parties involving loud music and alcohol

I was ass slapping him so hard last night my legs hurt!

See grinding, dancing, thrusting, grooving


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