Ass Tax

What is Ass Tax?


Slang for getting a little. Usually used in boasting form amongst friends.

"You tapped that yet?"

"Naw, but I am going to levy an ass tax on her tonight."

I am going to levy an ass tax on that hottie in the corner.


n. (1)Created while mispronouncing "brass tacks" as in "let's get down to brass tacks."

(2)tribute and/or payment paid by a hoe for said "ass", as per an exchange on the corner and given to her pimp when he does not directly benefit from such an exchange.

"You betta need to be payin me that ass tax!"

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The price levied upon a girlfriend/boyfriend with whom you share a dwelling but which he/she pays no bills.

Tom: "So does Shirley at least pay for the cable?"

Brian: "No...but I levied an ass tax last month."

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