Ass To Mouth

What is Ass To Mouth?


Sexual practice involving felatio immediately following anal sex, usually without cleaning off the penis first

Also known as "The Libby"



something you never do.

You never go ass to mouth

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Doing ass to mouth sex is something only a complete whore will attempt and enjoy. She lets her man pound her ass in any position he wants then begs him to pull out and slide his cock into her mouth so she can taste her own ass, often repeating this several times. After he cums deep in her asshole she will suck all the cum and juice off his cock.

Kathy loves performing ass to mouth sex. She was 17 the first time a guy made her do it and shes been addicted ever since. Over the last 30+ years shes done it hundreds of times for hundreds of different men. "I dont care whos cock is pumping my dirty ass, I love to beg him to put in my mouth so i can taste it" she says. "I always rub my wet shaved pussy while im sucking him then i beg him to fuck my tight ass some more and tell him how good it tastes."

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Following anal sex, switching to oral just prior to ejaculation

jest fore I busted a nut up that funky booty she slurped that thang clean and then got de-faced


Made famous by "Clerks Two"

The act of one person getting anal and than that person sucks the cock so they get the load without washing the cock before hand.

You never go ass to mouth!



Lets ask her...Have you ever gone ask to mouth?



Moments pass....

Don't tell Randal, but one time I went ass to mouth...

I knew it!


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the art of cleaning your dirty cock in that sreet whore mouth!!!

God dude...I fucked this whore so hard in her gaping ass...I finished her with a good ''ass to mouth'' she got just what she deserve!!!!

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Cleaning your junk off after some good anal

I was hammering away on my girlfriends ass, and then she did a little ass to mouth action, I think I'll put a ring on that finger

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