Ass Trumpet

What is Ass Trumpet?


A fart that sounds like #A on a music sheet. They will make you crap your pants if somebody toots one out.

The kid in front of me played his ass trumpet during the test which caused me to shit all over the person behind me.


A fart so loud it sounds like one is playing a musical instrument out of there ass

Baxter made such an ass trumpet that it sounded like a synphony was playing out of his anus; that mutha fucka stank


When you blow into someones asshole like playing a trumpet.

I tryed the ass trumpet on cindy last night, she loved it!

See asstrumpet, ass, trumpet, asshole, butt, sex, music


The word used when one ownz another

Man, Thunk pulled some Donkey Ass Trumpet on j00!


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