Ass Water

What is Ass Water?


Having a case of severe diarrhea in which you urinate from your asshole.

The next time I have diarrhea, I hope it's not ass water.

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the water that splashes onto the ass from a falling terd.

after trying for 13 minutes, john finally squeezed out the last terd. Sadly, the terd was heavy and produced superfluous ass water.


Tennessee delicacy served in only the finest sit-down establishments. A semi clear, semi-odorless, semi-tasteless drink served over ice.

"can I get ya'll somore ass water

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Alternate name for Booty Sweat, and energy drink from the movie Tropic Thunder. ALSO, the water that splashes on your ass when you're taking a poop. Very annoying, often resulting in the need for extra toilet paper usage.

"Damn that Ass Water is tasty."


"Damn that ass water is nasty."

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the water that spray-fully ejects from the ass hole once it has been filled by a forceful current. such currents could include hoses, jets in pools or hot tubs, or faucets.

hey everyone, I just accidentally rubbed up against a jet... watch the ass water that comes out!

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the terrible coffee offered in hotel rooms, especially once prepared. this coffee tastes especially watered down and resembles ass more so than coffee.

wow, the coffee from this marriot that were staying in for our class trip to boston that tastes like asswater.

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The water left over in the bath when you get out

Sittin in your ass water dont make no sense


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