Ass Whipping

What is Ass Whipping?


what a militant loudmouthhateful ignoramus needs when he or she pops off the chops about what what kind of violent acts "should be done" about different people that he or she don't like. Said person is extremely in opinion, doesn't observe the world around him/her and believes what every shitheaddemagogue posing as a high-class/high moral person says to them. A sheep.

If Maggie comes over here again today spouting off again about "the liberal bias", the "Jewish conspiracy", or any other hating on other types of people (that are different than herself) she might get a good old fashionedass whipping. I'm sick and tired of her prejudiced yapping. She needs to knock off the HaterAde now.

See kick ass, punishment, shut up, stooge, stfu, egomaniac


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