Ass Wipe

What is Ass Wipe?


A complete moron; without a clue

George Bush is an Ass Wipe

See Laura


a butt pluggin, rug munchin, ass hole son of a biatch.

or toilet paper

oo that ass wipe needs to go to a gay convention

who was the asswipe that didn't leave any asswipes in here?


An undesirable or offensive person.

"Quit being such an ass wipe."

See x


An ass kissing, self-inflated, "me first" son-of-a-bitch.

Jim, the office manager, was a total "ass wipe". You could always count on him to do whatever it took to may you look bad and him look good.


The lowest form of suck-up in existence. Someone who's not beyond wiping another's ass when told to do so. One who is not "his own man." (Texans are fond of saying that W is "his own man").

Bush, you ASS WIPE! Is there anything you and your family WON'T do for the Saudi Royal Family?

Bush, you ASS WIPE! You only do what KARL ROVE tells you to do, don't you?

See suck-up, shameless, low self-esteem, uncaring


Ass Wipe can refer to several meanings:

1- The physical action of wiping your ass down

2-A cross between a human carpet, a kiss ass, a suckup, or any combination of the 3.

"That guy's such an ass wipe. He actually gives his teachers boxes of Ass Wipers. He even does the ass wiping!"

See suck up, kiss ass, ass wiper


a derogitory comment aimed at someone acting like a jack ass

"Shut the hell up, ASS WIPE!!"

See Dana


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