Ass Worship

What is Ass Worship?


To get down on one's knees and bury your face in someone's luscious ass, paying tribute to its bootylicious perfection.

Anam's ass was so magnificently round and sexy that I was motivated to perform ass worship for many, many hours.

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Ass worship, clearly, in worship of the female ass. This practice is usually done when the male buries his face into the luscious ass, enjoying the ass cheeks pressing against his face.

There are a few types of ass worship.

1) The Sandwich: This first method of this step is to have the female lying on her stomach, her ass upwards. The man will proceed to bury his face into the ass. Optional: Someone else will push his face harder into the ass.

2) Against the Wall: A man sits up against a wall and a female backs her ass into his face, making sure her ass is completely smothering his face.

3) The Crab: This position is difficult to describe. The man lies on the floor, facing upwards. The female bends backwards, so that her feet and hands are on the ground, but her stomach is facing the ceiling. The female then rubs her ass into the man's face, once again making sure she is smothering him.

4) The Prayer: A man gets down on his knees and inserts his face into the woman's ass.

Another method of ass worship is for a female to be sitting on a chair, but the majority of her ass is hanging off. The man, on his knees, then digs in.

It is recommended that ass worship is done while the female is either wearing lingerie or a thong. Full pants or nudity is not recommended.

1) The Sandwich: She laid down on the couch, and I shoved my face right into her ass. It's one of the best types of ass worship!

2) She pushed me against the wall and then back her ass right into my face and rubbed it around for a good hour.

3) She did the crab to me for so long, but I enjoyed her ass resting on my face.

4) I love the Prayer method because I can just dig in!

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