What is Assaholic?


A term used to describe anyone who has an insatiable need for the ass. one who likes to lick,fondle,caress,stroke,eat,bite,sniff,or wipe other peoples asses and cannot stop, usually this leads to crack addiction

"Teresa is a major assaholic"


Describes an individual that is addicted to being or becoming an Asshole.

Don't mind him, he is just an assaholic.

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a person who loves ass

i love ass! i think im an assaholic

See joey


Noun 1. A person who seems addicted to behaving like an asshole. 2. An alcoholic who exhibits extreme asshole behavior.

3. Someone addicted to asses.

"John, even at my mother's funeral, you still acted like a jerk. I swear you are an assaholic. I want a divorce!"

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When a man loves ass so much that he becomes very irritable until he gets his first slice of the day.

That darn Bobby is so mean in the morning until he gets laid, he must be an assaholic.


When someone has had too much to drink and they act like a total asshole.

You drank way too much last night, fell over the table, broke several glasses and were a complete assaholic!

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In addition to the other definitions, it's a characterization of an obnoxious remark or action; i.e., something an asshole would say. Basically, it's the adjective form of "asshole".

Guy: "Yeah, I'd fuck her if she wasn't so ugly."

Girl: "Wow, that was a pretty assaholic remark."

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