What is Assanine?


It's spelled "asinine."

Just thought you people should know... it's a real word, you just spelled it wrong.

That brat always makes asinine remarks.


See assanine, rude, salacious, unnecessary, foolish


messed up or screwed up situation

or in a absurd conflict with a person(s)

this is assanine i cant take this (pissed)

this is total assanine when u get busted with a friend or 2 (the situation)

this conversation is assanine (when talking to someone in a absurd conflict)

See nick


someone with a really nice butt.

Whoa! I give that girl assanine.

See ass, nine, nice ass


the act of telling someone that there ugly and there ass is nice

that girl over there is do u figuare? well i gave her face a 2 and her ass a 9

See ass, tits, nigger, booty, thug life, drugs, chip dip, bean dip, assanine


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