What is Assassin?


A person whose assignment is to kill. Typically, the person is paid to do the job well.

A hit man does classify as an assassin, since he is hired to help "take care of" unsettled business.



A large game played over an extended period of time, usually by 10 or more people, and typically set in a college dorm. Players are secretly assigned the name of another player to "assassinate," that is, squirt with a water gun when the target is not looking and when no one else may see the shot. When the target is assassinated, the assassin inherits the target of the deceased, thus closing the circle. The game continues until only one assassin remains.

Jan assassinated Meredith, then got Cindy since she was Meredith's target, and is now chasing Giacomo and running from Tyler. What a game!


1) noun. Assassins were first referred to as Hashashins because they were given hashish and taken into a little garden slice of paradise. They were then told that if they died in their lord's service they would automatically return in death to this paradise, and have a harem of women. This was eventually shortened to assassins.

2) Adverb. To whoop some dude's ass with Kungfu grip.

Yo, man, that dude was straight out goin' assassin on them niggaz.

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A trained killer hired for money to kill other people.

Assassin is also a song by the rock band Muse, it is probably the heaviest song on their new album

Guy 1:"I'll give you, being an assassin, £300 to kill this guy"

Guy 2: "Just a sec, I'm listening to this awesome song by Muse!"

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A hardcore ninja that doesn't care for all that Natrutard crap.

1.) Altair of Assassin's Creed

2.) Orange Jumpsuit Nazis

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1. A contract killer.

2. The best type of girlfriend to have. If you have an assassin girlfriend, you got twice the ass for the price of one.

1. Are you a real assassin? Bill at the office has been bugging me, can you fix that?

2. To get an assassin girlfriend is way better than getting a BOOBY TRAP girlfriend.

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To have sex with someone from behind (anal/vaginal) and pull out at the last second and shoot your load in the back of thier head.

You should try the assassin on your girlfriend tonight.

Dude.. I fuckin' assassinated that bitch last night. (past tense)

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