What is Assassinate?


as¡¤sas¡¤si¡¤nate¡¤ (¨¡t¡ä)

transitive verb

to murder (esp. a politically important or prominent person) by surprise attack, usually for payment or from zealous belief

to harm or ruin (someone's reputation, etc.), as by slander, vilification, etc.

- your mission is too asses....assiss...assas...TO KILL A GUY (top gun version)

Powerful people fear that someone will try to assassinate them.

See kill, sniper, assassinate, jfk, attack


To kill someone wearing 700 lb armor by smacking them with the handle of your gun.

"What the hell, I shot someone in the chest with a sniper rifle and he didn't die, and by the time I could shoot him again someone assassinated me."

See beat down, land of plenty, br, battle rifle, needler, master chief, halo, warthog, mongoose, ghost


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