What is Assassination Of Abe Lincoln?


For all you history and nature buffs out their. Also needed an uncanny ability to make that pussy squirt. When you find yourself in the middle of a threesome, proceed to preform the Abe Lincoln on one bitch. When done, and your cock looks like a cold turkey, proceed to go shoulder blade deep in the other cunt. Make it happen, alright, then when a squirt's coming on, light your pubes, which are now pasted to the other bitches face, and let the magical vagina flow put the flames out. If you feel the need to washup, use some vagina juice for yourself and take a polish shower. When you wake up in the morning, it will look as if you reneacted the assasination of abe lincoln with squirt guns. A take on the flaming amazon and abe lincoln.

I went to my friend Tom's the other day, and it looked like he reenacted the Assassination of Abe Lincoln with super soakers. He aced that one bitch right in the face.

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