Assault Rifle

What is Assault Rifle?


An assault rifle is a select fire shoulder arm chambered for an intermediate power rifle cartridge capable of being fed from a detachable magazine.

Typically an assault rifle is the standard issue weapon used by military forces. The United States uses the M16A2/3/4 as its standard rifle, though there has been a movement towards the M4A1 carbine (also an assault rifle).

The "MA5B Assault Rifle" from the popular Xbox game "Halo: Combat Evolved" is not an assault rifle because it is not select fire and it is chambered for a full power rifle cartridge (7.62mm x 51 NATO). It would be more correct to say that it is a magazine fed machine gun.

Some examples of real assault rifles include: the M16 series and the AK/AKM series.


a specific type of rifle. it is fully automatic, fed by a high-capacity magazine and has a pistol grip. Assault rifles were designed to have the accuracy and power of a rifle, but the automatic fire and portability of a submachine gun. Assault rifles usually use a shortened rifle cartridge, though some do not. such as the Heckler and Koch G3 and FN FAL.

the world's most famous assault rifle is the AK-47. the first assault rifle was the Nazi-made Sturmgewehr 44.

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A gun that is between a Sub-machine gun and below a light-machine gun. Usually capable of automatic fire, though not designed for support roles.

XM8,M16,AK-47,M1 GARAND, Sturmgewehr 44,

MY assault rifle is the M16.

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An assault rifle is the weapon of choice for newbs. They tend to spray wildly with it instead of starting with a BR which requires skill and aim.

Wow! stupid newbs and their assault rifles

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