What is Assbaby?


A baby that was conceived in the ass hole. Usually by instruments of a strap-on, and most exclusively conceived by males.

That Ashe chick got me preggers... It's an assbaby...

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An assbaby is the product of a Male Pregnancy when the kid is delivered by the anus in a fanfiction story.

Harry and Draco had an assbaby OMG!

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A butt ugly annoying individual who is "full of shit," never knows when to shut up, and constantly puts his/her foot in his/her own mouth. They are usually uneducated and untalented with no real redeeming qualities.

Prime example: Adrianne it was statement in the youtube video "Adrianne Curry is an Assbaby" by vlogging paris2pop.

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A man's ejaculate, when deposited in the rectum of another (usually a man), is known as an assbaby.

"Lawrence, Don't queer this for me! I'm trying to give him an assbaby!"

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An assbaby is a muthafucker that weren't born from no pussy......... noooooo sirreeee.... this homeboy was born out of some nasty crack ho's turd encrusted asshole. We all know a moe fugga like this. He runs off da mowf and is fulla shit about 99% of the time and pretty much embarrases you to be seen with his lame ass. Hes a full grown asshole now, but once upon a time he was born an assbaby.

(1) Joe: Yeah, man, Bildo called today. Fred: Oh yeah, whats did that assbaby want?

(2) She was grunting on the toilet.... her asshole was splitting with pain. This had to be the biggest shit she had ever took. With one final bloodcurdling scream , the unholy monster pushed its way past her gaping sphincter and went plop into the commode. She was half afraid to look, but she did, and was instantly horrified by what she beheld. It was an assbaby!!!! A perfectly formed head with a skeletor ugly face the end of a 9 inch turd with little arms and legs sticking out the sides. But just then, her natural motherly instinct took over and she showered the fresh assbaby with love and affection. She kissed it and carresed it and even tho it left brown smears on her cheek, she adored it with all her heart. She made up her mind on the spot. She would call it Bildo.

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a baby conceved during anal sex

"look johnnie theres something me and your father have been meaning to tell you, your an assbaby."

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a person who has never had a vaginawrapped around their head!

The assbaby called me an assbaby. IRONCI!22211// lozlzll


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