What is Assball?


any numerous types of improvised games with a ball. Could include swatting at a rubber ball between two people, or kicking a volleyball around in a dorm room.

Much more fun than organized ball games

we had to stop playing assball cause the tv got hit and shattered.

I sometimes like to wear one of those leather biker gloves when i play assball.


Noun (ass-ball) - a strategic defensive maneuvuer where the person wraps their arms around their legs and curls oneself into a ball shape with their ass in the air therefore making their ass vunerable to attack while all vital organs are concealed and safe from harm.

bully- "yo RYAN you owe me 10 bucks im gonna KILL you!"

ryans friend- "quick ryan curl into an assball!"

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What one, who's first language is not English might, in place of the word "asshole" (or something like that), call somebody that they are upset with.

Favic: "assball, and one thing, fuck your ass very hard with sexual Stuff!"

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An exclamation of anger.



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