What is Ass-bandit?


Another derogitory term for a homosexual Male, usually used jokingly, or as an insult to someone who is in fact heterosexual

"Freddie over there is such an Ass-Bandit"

See gay, homo, fag, faggot, butt-pirate, fudge-packer, cocksucker


A derogatory comment used to describe a homosexual who is sexually attracted to male ass.

God, Calvin Klein is such an Ass-Bandit.

See butt pirate, faggot, homo, homosexual, queer


An unscrupulous curmudgeon who blasphemes by the very nature of his or her existence. Simply put, an unambiguous wanker, a incorrigible troglodyte, a downtrodden asshat.

Eric if you say POOT one more time I will puke. How ass-bandit-ish.

Peter is such an ass-bandit about seeing live shows.

Noah's ass-banditry is unprecedented. Stop touching yourself.

Denver has always been an ass-bandit and will always be an ass-bandit.

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