What is Assbelunker?


An anal dwelling dwarf whos job is to the clean the ass from which it dwells. Usually named Gabe...otherwise known as a homosexual.

Gabe is an assbelunker...and a damn good one at

See greg


To be a belunker of ones ass. To pack the fudge, give a human booster shot, or to star on queer eye for the sraight guy. Any one who is referred to as an assbelunker, probably is one, and should crawl inside their own ass and die.

"Eat penguin shit, you assbelunker."

"When your done belunking your self in the ass, can you please help me sweep the floor, Mrs. Langcaster, you assbelunker."

"That vice principal made me get the juice box i threw into the bleachers and throw it in the garbage, so I called him an assbelunker, and he accepted it."

See fudge packer, ass master, faget, homosensual


An anal cave explorer. Otherwise known as homosexual, pillow biter, ass cannon loader, friend of dorothy, pole rider etc.

Rod is such an assbelunker. I can't believe he is assbelunking Lance......

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