What is Assblast?


1. When you have to take a shit really bad and it comes out as a runny burst.

2. Having sex with someone in the anus and having a lot of fun in the process.

1. That asshole Matt left an assblast all over my toilet!

2. We had a real assblast at the party last night. Matt's ass is going to be sore for a week!

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When drilling a girl in the ass and finally releasing, if you wait 5 minutes she will perform an ass blast covering any and all substances around with cum and shit.

I kicked that bitch in her stupid face because she assblasted me.

See Henry Wrinkler


A loud, odiferous, noxious, and entirely pleasing emission of gases and various chemicals and excreta from one's nether gate.

I gave a satisfying assblast in the crowded elevator and caused a panic between floors 11 and 14.

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