What is Assburgers?


A play on the word "aspergers", a minor version of Autism characterized by social isolation and other odd behavior. Also very funny to yell.


~Murray Smith, Flecko, sufferer of "assburgers"

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A synonym for Asperger's Syndrome, a mental disorder in the autistic spectrum. It's a disorder whose symptoms come down to an inability to make small talk, so it's a non-issue. Anyone who claims to have Asperger's is an attention whore and probably loves kuro5hin.

I can't talk to anyone about my collection of lesbian furry porn. Not because I don't WANT to, but because I have assburgers (so bad.) I probably wouldn't have assburgers if I could move to Japan.

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When you eat to many burgers and it goes to your ass.

person1: woahh your assbugers is acting up!

Person2: yea i know, i ate alot of burgers today so im gonna have assburgers

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a word to shout when anything goes wrong


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