What is Assburn?


When you shit out a damn redwood and it burns for 1-3 minutes.

Assburn is just a terrible tragedy.


Game played by children of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Consists of rolling a ball (e.g. tennis) towards a group of holes dug in the ground. When the ball stops in a specific hole, the owner runs towards it to get it. The other players run away. When the owner gets to it, he yells stop and everyone freezes. He then tries to tag one person with the ball. This person is free to move their body as much as possible, but their feet can not move. If the thrower misses, he gets a rock in his hole. If he hits the person, that person gets a rock in their hole. Once any player gets 5 rocks in their hole, they have to line up against a wall with their ass sticking out. The other players get one throw at the loser for every rock in their hole.

This game is very painful and traumatizing for most children, the author included. Pain and suffering is compounded when other players' older siblings arrive to play. The sound of a missed throw slamming against the wall next to you is enough to make anyone wet their jammies.

Hey, call up Brent Kisby so we can play some assburn. Tell him not to bring that older skid brother of his, Todd.


The act of of burning ones buttocks,be it by sunburn,or being dragged across something very rough.

She had a real painful assburn from sunbathing nude.

See Darren


slang term for aspirin

gol dang it Vern! I need some got damn assburn! I gots a real bad headache!

See Darren


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