What is Asscheeks?


The two fleshy sides of the buttocks

Marcel marveled at the way her asscheeks sprang back when he squeezed them.

He grasped her asscheeks on the sides and directed his cock at her shining slit.

See buttocks, ass, arse, derrière, prat, tail


The round flesh sitting at the very top of your thighs and under your back. It is almost like a cover for the anushole. Often slapped, grabbed and targeted by horny people. If left unwashed, they can grow nasty pimples.

There must be a tight ass and twat obscured beneath those big golden asscheeks.

See ass, juicy, meat, bouncy, beauty, fart, cover, grab, butthole, twat, buttcrack, anal, nintendo


Used as an adjective to describe something that is frustrating or ridiculous. Used in the same way as "bullshit."

Can also be used as a noun. See the cheeks.

I can't believe I missed the final exam. That's asscheeks, man.

The IR spectroscopy is not showing the correct structure, which is totally asscheeks.

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