What is Asscheese?


A thick, greasy substance usually emitting an unpleasant ordor, comprised primarily of sweat and fart juice and found in the crack between the buttocks.

Damn, that asscheese left a racin' stripe in my drawers again!

See Steve


Known for people who sit on a chair for extended periods of time (hot climate?) without bathing, and/or fart alot and/or do not bath daily.

Eg; a gamer who plays BF2 for 12 hours straight and shits 2 times thereabouts while resuming gaming. When you scratch your nuts and it feels creamy then you got asscheese/bagcheese.

Remedy: = scrub yer taint and surrounding areas.

See ass, asscheese, taint butter


supposedly cheese made from the milk squeezed from the asses of sweaty football guys. Wisconsin, anyone?



GreenDayNFG4182 is the epitome of asscheese-dom.

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