What is Ass-clown?


A moron , someone of inferior intellect. A person who is obviously stupid. A knob-head. are acting like a complete ass-clown

2.arrggg your an ass-clown

See idiot, moron, knobhead, brainless, stupid


When a person acts like an asshole AND a clown at the same time.

You are such an ass-clown.

See ass, clown, asshole, stupid, silly


Ass-clown (Ass klowne)

A group of people or individuals that like to dress up as clowns and cause mischief with their bottoms. This is usually achieved by sneaking up to a person or an "Ass target" as they are called, and expel gas on the person when they least expect it.On some cases when there are multiple Ass-clowns in one area they try to gang up on one person. They do this by circling the target while slapping their asses, and gradually shuffling closer to prevent escaping.

Call the police, that man has been attacked by an Ass-clown!

See ass, clown, target, slapping, mischief


A loser who is part ass and part clown.

I'm so glad that bar down the street went out of business. It was a haven for dweebs and ass-clowns.

See chode, dweeb, loser, clown, ass, nyb


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