What is Assclown?


One, who, through the fault of his parents conception, is a skid mark in society's collective underwear.

You, my good sir, are an assclown.

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"My Name is assclown and that is offensive"

See Chris


1. A person who, while under the influence, makes a complete fool of himself while attempting humor. An assclown may wear an asshat.

2. A person who, while making a serious attempt as something, fails to realize what a complete fool he has made of himself.

3. An untalented schmuck.

1. That assclown thought he was being funny when he pretended to choke at the party, but everyone thought he was just being foolish.

2. The actor, while in character, made such an assclown of himself during the production that most of the audience started to talk during his monologues.

3. That assclown can't play the guitar at all.


A person who is laughable and detestable at the same time.Usually

pretends to be a know-it-all,often

enhancing their stories,knowledge,

experience,and every thing in between

with pure bullshit.

1-I can't help but laugh at the

assclownishness of Johnny's story.

I wanted to kick him in the teeth

but couldn't because i was laughing

so hard at him.

2-Every time I say something,my assclown co-worker butts-in with

his "similar experience" or "knowledge"

of the subject.


Someone who considers it his or her sworn to duty to act like a complete ass at all times.

Assclownery: the act of being an assclown.

Anybody from the show jackass is an assclown

See asshat, asshead, asshole, ass


1. A person that is so silly and embarassing that neither the word "ass" or the word "clown" can properly describe them.

2. One who takes part in bafoonary, douchebaggery, or general just-too-muchary, often because of drinking alcohol.

3. To be embarassing or embarassed by your actions.

Also see Assclownery

Synanyms: Bafoon, Buttclown, Drunkard

1. Bill is really an ass for sharting in the bar. He is also a clown for telling everyone about it. But he is certainly an assclown for not going home from the bar and spending all night with a poopy butt.

2. If these girls don't leave with us, let's just get hammered and act like a bunch of assclowns.

3. I feel like an assclown after seeing thos pictures of last night.

See assclownery, bafoon, clown, ass, butt, drunkard


a person who is a total moron, or who makes an attempt to do something but ends up failing miserably & entertains everyone around them

When we were all drunk at camp, our friend Mike tried to jump over the tennis net, but ended up making a total assclown of himself.

See idiot, stupid ass, ass clown, jackass, moron


A stupid person, one incapable of making rational decisions.

Chris acted like an assclown at his party. He talked shit and was proven wrong at every turn.

See ass, clown, schmuck, fool, idiot, retard, dumbass, jackass


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