What is Asscock?


From the movie "Jay and Silent Bob strike back" Means DonkeyPenis.

I need to log on every day just to make sure you two arent taking a mouthfull of ASSCOCK to pay the rent.

See Darcy


The reproductive organ of a male donkey.

The wildlife marshal arrested the man for chugging asscock.


Another word for the donkeys reproductive organ.

"Those chicks chug much asscock. What? Ass is just another term for donkey." -Jay, from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

See Matt


An insult or exclamatory remark.

You are such an asscock.

Fucking asscock!!


"Ass" is another word for donkey

Jay and Silent Bob might take a fist-full of asscock in the mouth if they were strapped for cash.


Its like saying a donkey's dick, like an ass' cock, its like saying someones a complete chodumpole

you chug some serious asscock

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A penis-like member protruding from the base of the tailbone. Usually results from having a lot of sand in your vagina.

Andrew Bradford Hart is extremely self-conscious about his asscock. Shouldn't have eaten so many bagels, Drew!

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