What is Asscrack?


when a girl wares her paints to damn low and you can see the "V" that is made where the two butt checks come together.

Britney Speares has way to much asscrack

See Jane Doe


A person who is not quite an asshole, but well on their way.

Steve gave me a back handed compliment. That guy is such an asscrack!

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A dirty, despicable human being, that serves no purpose in life. Only there to annoy the shit out of you.

-Damn, I'm so tired of Denise bothering me.

-Yeah, that girl is such an asscrack.

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derogatory term used to refer to AC Asian Crips; a gang found in San Diego

Fuck asscrack, they can't fight fo shit and every gang in SD got beef with them.

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A no-good, rotten bastard who hasn't the courage to openly act like the true asshole that he is. A sneaky asshole.

Some low-life asscrack pitched his slurpee into my convertable while I was in the store.

See norman


The newest drug on the streets developed by ken...

Ken: dude... i got high feels so good

Anthony: on what man

Ken: asscrack

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