What is Asscricket?


A person who unrightfully TRIES to take the place of another, but is much too quiet and ridiculous, and thus cannot do it. This person is very annoying because they always seem to be around, but no one ever knows anything about them, because they are too quiet.

see supplanter

Here comes Ashley, she's such an asscricket.

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Someone who is quiet and not noticed, but always around. They are not wanted and no one knows who they are. They are irritating like a cricket because they don't talk and you can't get rid of them

And its so ridiculousbecause these asscrickets are used to replace awesome people who happen to have the same name, but it doesn't work and the person who tried to replace someone with the asscricket is a faggot.

P: "Who is that?"

F: "I dunno... I don't even know who she came with."

P: "She's always over, I don't know her. I don't want her in my house. You can't come to MY house and not talk to ANYONE and still be allowed to be here..."

A: "You guy's talking about that asscricket? That's Jacey."

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Someone who is always around and no one knows why because no one knows them. This someone doesn't talk ever. This person is a nuisance, like a cricket, because they will not go away.

P: "Who's that?"

J: "I don't know"

P: "She is ALWAYS around! How does no one know who she is?!"

A: "That asscricket is Ashley."

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