What is Asscunt?


An error placed in typically proprietary software code that should never be seen by the user. Typically whenever a user sees this error, bad things happen.

Greg just got an asscunt from the server.


A term some men give their ass, which they pretend is a vagina.

Stick it in my asscunt.


When the vagina and/or asshole are ripped forming one rift.

Damn bitch, I just ripped your vagina and made you an asscunt.

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1. A rather large and portly woman, typically condescending and large of bosom. Her "expertise" is narrow, her girth is not.

2. A homosexual man who is lesbian in nature, often lightheartedly referred to as: light in the loafers. A.K.A. a fairy.

3. One who enjoys the ungodly pleasures of anal stimulation.

Cameron asscunt Mannheim, Boy asscunt George, Clay asscunt Akin, Paris asscunt Hilton

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when someone is such an spreads to other regions.

you are the biggest asscunt I have ever you have a sharpie?

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The dipshit kinda guy we all know 10 of.

I ran into that old asscunt Kevin yesterday.

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usually a male person who is homosexual, and likes it up the arse

damn that guy is such a asscunt!!!

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